Monday, August 30, 2010

Witty Professor - Part 1

COURTESY: Any questions ask me right now …. OK .. Lets take it further

1. ### being part of committee of ICAI – “So called big ###s are part of the team, not us … Just by having the same name it does not mean that you are the same breed”
2. On standards of ASB-
   “They create an ambiguous standard and then help you interpret them”
   “They correct their mistakes in accounting standards and then call it a review”
   “They always keep an eye open to copy from elsewhere”
3. On AS -1 Accounting standard – “They took 2 years to copy the first standard”
4. On his own working in one section being submitted as assignment submission in another section
   “I left my slide here and in the next class they submitted my own assignment to me. It is very exciting to see your own assignment in printed format”
   “you should be in ICAI for the speed of copying because people there in ICAI are taking few years to copy standards from others”
5. On disclosure of silly mistakes(pun intended) in mid term marks, he will make a presentation
   “I will not disclose names… don’t worry. But you can find out… I will look at the person when I tell”
6. After the prof clarifies a query of the student … student – “Yes that sounds reasonable” .. Prof – “Thanks for the evaluation”
7. “Whoever has supplied books for you will have to wait for many years to recognize its value”
8. On mid term exams – “learning happens after the event”
9. In response to students comment “Expected expense incurred from expected revenue” … Prof – “This will be a good answer in the answer sheet”
10. Explaining why some companies buy loss making companies – “In life it is good to make a loss … anything can create value. If one gets all F’s don’t get scared … it may create value …. you don’t know”
11. “..Many mid terms will come and go and many end terms will come and go .. but life moves on but that’s OK .. that’s a part of learning as well … at the end of it you will find that you have not learnt anything.Then at the end of it a bunch of jokers will come to hire you”
12. “You don’t expect it to work for more days if it is Indian made… especially if it is made by an Indian”
13. Q from prof – “How many Accounting standards are existing in India?” ….. Answer from student: “92 (The strength of 92 of the class :P )” Faculty: “There should be more than 92 standards as there are more than 1 method created by few of you….”
14. Why Seniors come to hire in our campus? Ans – “They know the talent of students here. and so they come here as we won’t affect their jobs with our talent…”
15. “I gave this problem to 60 students last year, they were not able to solve… this year I gave it to 90 students still no solution. That shows intelligence is not correlated to student size …. I am thinking of asking PGP office to make accounting an open laptop exam – bcoz even then u wont be able to solve it …. I would even circle the right answers to help you – even then u wont be able to arrive at them …. I can even give you the paper on monday and take it back on next monday. All you pgp1s n pgp2s can do it together – even then u wont be able to do it…
16. “The answers will be given to you …. all you have to do is to come with a 1 Re coin and scratch, the answers will appear …. The correct answers will be in bold … am pretty sure that there will still be people who make mistakes”

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