Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raavan and Pappu....

        Once Pappu started praying to Ravan and after 1 year Ravan was very happy from the bhakti of Pappu.


                Then Ravan decides to give 3 vardans to Pappu.

                RAVAN: Say vatsa! What you want?

                PAPPU: I want 100 vardans.

                RAVAN: But I can give you only 3 vardans

                PAPPU: But I want 100 vardans.

                RAVAN: No child that is not possible.

                PAPPU: No I want 100 means 100

                RAVAN: No I can give you only 3. If you want then take or else I am going.

                PAPPU: Ok! But what 3 I will ask, you will give me definitely?

                RAVAN: Sure it's promise from Rakshas Raj Ravana.

                PAPPU: 1st vardan, convert your GADA on shoulder to wooden bamboo stick.

                RAVAN: "Tathastu" and his gada turns into a stick.

                PAPPU: 2nd Vardan, put that stick in you're as s hole ... deep inside ...!!

                RAVAN: (confused but ......) "Thathastu" and in great pain asks Pappu to ask for the third vardan .... ASAP ...


                PAPPU: Now are you giving me rest 97 vardans or should I convert that stick back to GADA ?

                The moral of the Story:

                Management will not yield to your simple request until u

                can give pain in their Ass.

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