Thursday, August 19, 2010

McAfee bought by Intel .. some fun posts on slashdot

Given that McAfee "Oopsie" actually shutdown Intel operations for a day, maybe they do want to take it out back, and put it out of its misery?

McAfee is finally in the hands of someone qualified to figure out how to completely uninstall it.

They intend on replacing the software with a looping .gif that pretends to scan your computer when you click on the icon in the systray. Thus they will continue to provide the same core functionality* at a fraction of the processor capability

*core functionality may consist of, and won't exceed convincing idiots that their computer is secure
Intel plans to release a final update to all Mcafee users that will force uninstall the software from their machines, increasing the performance of Intel systems by 300%.
Or, they plan to make it even slower, and encourage users to upgrade their processors!
A list of better things you could do with $7b:

1. Fill a swimming pool with $100 bills and go nuts.

2. Buy several sky scrappers and blow em up, just for shits and giggles.

3. Buy Kaspersky. (Kaspersky is one of the best anti-virus softwares in the market today)

4. Nothing. Absoluetly nothing. Ever again.

Any other suggestions?

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