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Calicut University style of "Computer Science Engineering" !



Calicut University style of “Computer Science Engineering” !

As we all know, engineering is getting much much popular in Kerala; rather all over India. We have numerous institutions for engineering aspirants in our state, which include Government, Aided and Self Financing institutions!. My college is affiliated to Calicut University, the most prestigious university in Kerala State, providing education in a large number of courses like engineering, arts & science and more.

We had Semester 4 university examination yesterday and the paper was CS04 405 : Computer Organization and Design. We never knew that Funny things were awaiting us on the question paper from the great Calicut University. I draw your attention to one or two questions among them !

  • Define Elaboration.
    • Google search ” elaboration computer science” gave me a variety of answers, but none connected to our subject Computer Organization and Design. I found some thing related to Ada Programming Language etc.
    • Another thing is that, In our textbook by Patterson and Hannessy, Page No. 88 ( and more; see page 128 etc. ), there is a subheading called Elaboration where authors try to explain a bit more on topic they are now dealing with !
    • Is this a mistake from examiner that he just took a heading he saw while looking in the textbook for questions and asked us to define that?. Or my mistake that I didn’t find ample time to try a google search before my examination and study what is Elaboration ?. I don’t know !!
  • Write short notes on Fallacies and pit falls
    • For the kind information of the examiner, Fallacies and Pitfalls are present at the end of each and every chapter in the textbook by Patterson and Hannessy. So which one should I write for your question ?.  Authors have used this section to describe those errors/misunderstandings which may occur to their readers while going through the concepts.
  • Computer Science Engineering student being asked to add 6 and 7 in binary !.
    • I thank the examiner for asking me such a simple question for 5 marks, I took the pain to write 32 bit patterns for both 7 and 6, got the answer 13 in binary, then took the pain to show him the steps that convert binary to decimal. I did the last step since the question showed me 6 and 7 in decimal.

In short, Computer Organization and Design answer papers will be the creative works of Engineering Students!

Bottom Line : Calicut University ( I don’t know much about other universities ) question papers are full of wonders. Sometime they give papers which are really  tough/hifi stuffs, else paper contain things like above. Both  will lower the quality of students. Our mathematics 4 paper is a best example, the questions were really tough, and we were unable to understand the questions. Atleast, in the case of students like me in Govt. college, the portions covered in lecture sessions are so small that we have to mug up the rest of the modules ourselves. We do that without knowing what we are doing, none of us have the strong foundation in our core topics. Now, we are preparing for CS04 405: Electronics Circuits and Systems, our professor has taught us only 2 or 3 topics in module 1. We don’t even know what the other modules are dealing with, but we have to study that. It is only our need to score marks and B Tech. degree !

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