Friday, September 11, 2009

Go for GNR ..Forget Cyclothon in Bangalore

Guns N' Roses coming to India

Get ready, all ye headbangers!
By ApunKaChoice
Thu, Sep 10, 2009 14:00:26 GMT

This November, the gritty rock riffs will 'Rain' down on the Indian rock fans of the American band Guns N' Roses. The cult rock band, spearheaded by lead vocalist Axl Rose, is set to perform at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore Nov 7, according to

"It is true that we are bringing Guns N' Roses to India. As of now, I can tell you that the Bangalore concert has been confirmed. We're still in talks with people in Mumbai and Delhi, so let's hope that works out. However, there is a good chance we can take the band to Shillong as well," Raj Sinha, director of Rhapsody Inc., the company organizing the Bangalore concert, is quoted as saying.

"I can confirm that Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed will be there. DJ Ashba, their latest (addition), will be there. There will also be a person called Troy and two other members," he added.

GNR has quite a huge fan following in India.

Even as the reports of GNR coming to India makes round in Indian media, 'White Lion' drummer Troy Patrick Farrell says Raj Sinha has got his facts mixed up.

"This rumour is the result of an over-zealous promoter that mixed up information. I have spoken (with) my direct contacts in India to confirm that they, in no way, shape or form, alluded to the fact that Axl or any version of GN'R would perform in India," Troy told

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